An iGO Success Story

Throughout 2016 Millennium Brokerage Group has been working hard to increase the number of applications submitted electronically via iGO. We would like to share an iGO application success story that is a perfect example of how iGO helps reduce application scrubbing time and accelerates underwriting/policy issuance. Recently one of our agents submitted a Lincoln TermAccel application via iGO that was placed in force within 8 business days of submission.

  • Submission to approval – 5 business days
  • Approval to e-policy issue – 2 business days
  • Policy issue to placement – 1 day

This success story can be yours. Time is of the essence when it comes to placing life insurance policies. With iGO, you have the right tools to submit applications online and streamline your business. If you are interested in simplifying the application process for your clients and increasing your placement ratios, please contact us to learn more about what iGO can do for you and your client.